Fee Schedule and Penalties

For latest updated fee schedule please refer to izerealty.com webpage.

Fees are subject to change with out notice.

  • $20/Month adminstrative fee if rent is paid by NON -EFT method
  • $50 Fee per occurance for cash payment processing fee with pre-approval only.
  • 3% for CC (Credit Card) convenience fee (Min $5), Paypal: Pass Thru
  • Late fees are 8% of gross rent.
  • If we have to collect on site (any time after the 5th of the month) There will be an additional $50 delinquent rent collections processing fee.
  • Application fee =$45
  • UD Fee = $675.00
  • Lease reinstatement fee (after quit, court or arrangements): $250 + larger deposit.
  • City abatement notice fee - $50 + any associated work/ cleanup costs 1st offense (Doubles for each successive notice during term of your occupancy - so 2nd is $100, 3rd is $200, 4th is $400, etc)
  • Bad check / returned EPAY fee = $30 for EACH occurrence.
  • City Failure Notice to comply WARNING for any item deemed tenant responsibility FEE: $250 + labor/materials
  • Utility disconnect notice = $75.00
  • Tenant lockout fee = $150
  • Emergency call after hours of M-F 9-5 that does not fall into the categories of furnace outage, damaging water intrusion, or securing property due to Vandalism: = $75
  • Annual lease administrative fee = $165


Other Fees:

  1. Unpaid utility warning notice (non abatement related) = $50 Admin fee for notice
  2. Utility payment fee $25.00
  3. Abandonment fee = Tenant will forfeit deposit, be responsible for: utilities, lawn and snow removal, city fees, damage caused by utilities disconnect (frozen pipes etc), and loss of rents until property is brought up to marketable condition as reflected in tenants move-in inspection agreement, not to exceed 3 months rental payment charges beyond end date of rental term.
  4. Smoke detector tampering = $250 each detector each offense
  5. Pet / Smoking policy broken = 1 month rent penalty (and pet must be removed) and lease may be immediately terminated by owner / manager.
  6. Pet damages (waste management, destruction to property)/neighborhood complaints =$100 + remedy labor
  7. Improper / non-working/unlicensed/unregistered- vehicle fee = $100 admin fee + towing fee
  8. Monthly Rent Lawn/Snow Care fee if loss of credit- $100 (Rent increases as tenant loses credit)
  9. Tenant trash disposal labor fee $50/hr + waste disposal fee.
  10. Tenant No show for scheduled inspection, work order,  $50 trip charge
  11. Re-inspection fee for tenant damages, lawns, snow removal $50 trip charge.


We bill at $50 / hour (subject to change without notice – but uniform), with a $50 trip charge that includes up to 30 Min of work. All time after that will billed in 30 Minute increments.

All materiel will be passed on cost +20%.

All unpaid invoices will accrue 10% (or max allowable by law) APR starting 14 days after invoice.